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"In these fast paced, busy and stressful times you can't afford not to use these simple energy techniques! Take a holistic approach with the goal of preparing you for anything that crosses your path."

As a health practitioner, I am often your ray of hope, I comfort you, I nurture you, I make the pain go away and I do it with so much love. I bring laughter into every session. I make the serious not so serious. I am clear and concise, sometimes provocative. I nudge with a ‘loving big stick’ to get you going.

I give you self-help and self-care tools so you can get on with your day and see a bright future. I have so much joy in my heart when I see that you ‘get it’ and you feel your own heart and self again.

My approach although light hearted is respectful and compassionate. I diffuse intensity with rapport and empathy from which problems can be viewed clearly and new perspectives gained. I enable you to explore and discuss with confidentiality, aspects of your life in a way not often reached with family and friends. Each session provides greater self awareness, confidence and calm.

What happens during a consultation?

Simple energy techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques


Learning to breathe