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Anxiety cured over the phone.

I rang Theresa because I was distressed. I had a sudden job
interview, also by phone, in Australia with a person I had had some
difficulties with in the past. I was anxious and distressed and in
considerable stress as I was relocating back home. She explained
the EFT tapping points over the phone as I had not seen them before,
and then guided me step by step, repeating after her my concerns
while tapping. I instantly felt calm and confident but was unsure if it
had worked. I need not have worried, as I remained calm on the phone,
not distressed by the interviewer and got the job!

It was easy to trust Theresa with this new process as I had worked
with her in her practice previously regarding family dynamics and
relationships. With or with out EFT, Theresa is a very skilled
practitioner. I am grateful that our paths have crossed. My family
life is better as a result.
Lea Thorpe, Special Education teacher Kuala Lumpur, Sept 05


Whiplash gone in less than an hour.

I was in a severe car accident. My car totally ruined. My boss sent
me to Theresa straight away as I was shaking, upset and had very
sore stiff neck. She did this ‘tapping’ on me and in less than an hour
I could move my neck and I felt normal again. She sent me to the
doctor. He was surprised as he could find nothing wrong.
Bernard Tan, Cheras Malaysia, Oct 06


No longer the same person.

Thanks. I would like to go as far as saying that today’s session was
the best yet. After a very calm drive back I slipped into a pleasing
state of contentment for an hour or so which could have gone on for
hours longer. I believe that the level of understanding increased
today and hopefully so has the communication. What I am sure about is
that I am no longer the same person as I was when I arrived at your
apartment today!

Thank you again and I look forward to our next session when things
will be even better again.
Brian Lindfield, Kuala Lumpur, 13.6.07


Skeptic…Amazing – it worked!

I first approached Theresa for EFT treatment with a degree of
skepticism and even a little apprehension. As an engineer I was
looking for proof positive and concrete results. I was reluctant to
accept EFT in blind faith.

However, I undertook a number of sessions with Theresa with
an open mind. I listened carefully to her explanation of EFT,
entered into soul searching discussions, and was soon tapping
away. After all, what did I have to loose?

Somewhat to my amazement – it worked! After only a few hours
in session with Theresa and subsequently practicing her instructions
at home, I noted a significant reduction in the burden of my lifetime
collection of fears, concerns, worries and troubles. My mind was
freed and my feeling of self-worth regenerated. Here was a simple
tool available to anyone at any time to soothe a troubled soul.

I intend to continue practicing EFT because it works. I therefore
strongly recommend it to you too because if it worked for me then
why not for yourself? And in Theresa’s hands you have a wonderfully
competent, understanding and sympathetic guide.

Open your mind, open your heart and give EFT a chance to make a
difference to your life. I did and am enormously grateful.
David J Tandy Retired, Kuala Lumpur, 15 September 2007


Back with my family.

I had moved out of the family home, left a wife and my two young
daughters and was unclear of what I wanted in life and how to go
about achieving it.

Theresa was recommended to me - and to be perfectly honest I was
very skeptical. As someone who doesn't like seeing doctors I was
very unsure how seeing Theresa would help, but I did know I needed
to do something.

The first session I felt very uncomfortable - not I hasten to add by
Theresa - but more about the methodology used to help me.
However whilst I did initially feel uncomfortable it did help and I
started to come back for regular sessions.

Using the techniques Theresa teaches - I have obtained complete
clarity on what I want. I have also repaired my relationship which I
thought I had completely destroyed - so much so that I moved back
into the family home.

Thank you Theresa - it's been a challenging journey but one I am
glad that I undertook and I appreciate all of your help to get to
where I am today.
M B, Senior Manager, HSBC Bank, Kuala Lumpur 30.1.08


Feeling content, bliss and understanding.

Theresa, I was just looking back over the past year, a year full of
reflection and change, and realised that it brought about some of
the best experiences of my life to date!

Feelings of contentment and understanding, of commitment and
faith and most of all a feeling of BLISS which happened without any
planning when my mind, body and soul all came to the same point
of happiness at the same time. A level of happiness that I had never
experienced before, but I am sure it will not be the last time!

You played a major role in changing my life for the better. The sessions
we had allowed me to understand that dealing with emotions is a lot
more complex than we generally acknowledge, but it is your abilities
as a healer that gets into the hidden corners and bring out the issues
that are perceived to be “gone” but are only forgotten that makes the
difference. You are a special person!

I remember clearly driving in my car with my daughter, some hours
after our 3rd session, and she asked me why am I so happy. A
question that took me by surprise as I was not sure what she meant
but it became evident that I had begun to smile from the inside! She
asked this question again on one other occasion, but it was not after
a session, so the effects had already become long lasting.

Finally, your determination for understanding that we also assist
ourselves in the healing process has given me a different perception
of “living in the now” and allowed me to move forward in leaps and bounds!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Brian Lindfield February 5, 2008


Family tragedy....positively moving forward.

When a family tragedy struck me down recently, I felt my whole
world spinning out of control. Physically emotionally and mentally
I had lost my compass and direction. I felt overwhelmed by my
situation. I was traumatised, in shock, full of fear and confusion.
Theresa had a major influence on helping me through this period
of my life.

Her powerful ability to work with Energy Techniques including EFT
helped my emotions and mental state return to balance as I moved
through the process of accepting my situation and adjusting to my
new life and circumstance.I felt immediate relief from fear and anxiety.
I was then able to move forward calmly, working through my days of

From a naturopathic perspective she was able to advise me what
to take and do to strengthen my body to cope with the enormous
stress I was under. Taking her direction, a year and a half later I
have still had good health despite all my challenges Theresa is truly
an amazing gifted and compassionate healer with a gentle, perceptive
wit. She is able to quickly get to the core of the issue and give
practical and immediate attention to what needs to be addressed.

This far down the track I am healthy and positively moving forward
in my life in a new direction. I have absolutely no doubt that Theresa
was my angel at that time in my life and a big reason for my success
today. I am so very thankful to have her in my life and grateful for her
wonderful skills and abilities.'
Deborah Salyer, Gold Coast Australia, 2008


Theresa is a truly gifted healing SPIRIT!

After many years of working and learning in the dynamic world of the
healing arts, I have never encountered someone so direct and poignant
in accessing the key elements of deep-seated emotional trauma.

She uses her incredibly diverse background, humour, and a deep
commitment to serve as key elements in helping her clients achieve
inner peace and calm. HEALING is the inevitable RESULT!
Keith Loop, Yogi Denver Colorado, 23.8.07


Excellent Health Practitioner and Mental Coach.

'I really enjoyed working with Theresa as she has a variety of skills.
She not only is an excellent health practitioner and mental coach,
but also uses her sixth sense in her healing practices which is of
great help to access knowledge beyond the material and visible.
What I liked particularly is that she is firm and very grounded in her
approach and that makes her focus clear and direct.

Practicing with Theresa helped me to go through very difficult periods
in my life. It was pleasant to get a little push or help where I felt that I
saw no solutions or felt stuck. Working with the Emotional Freedom
Techniques EFT brought many underlying matters up fast without a
lot of emotional upheaval. Also in relationship and family matters, she
helped greatly without the person concerned being there. I have
benefitted greatly from working with her and the sharing of her knowledge.

I am most grateful for what I received and learned from Theresa, it
helped me move on in my life.
Ardy Timmer. Artist, Kuala Lumpur, February 17, 2009


Changed in leaps and bounds.

I have been an energy worker since 2001 and while I have dabbled
in emotional healing, it is not one of my strong suits. As like most
men, I was an emotional cripple. I did not fully express myself
emotionally or, I did not care for an emotional confrontation with family
or friends.

So most times, I bottled my emotions thinking that was the best
thing to do. Trying not to hurt other people's feelings I thought, it was
better to say as little as possible.

The strong silent man is a contradiction in terms. While there is
virtue in silence, being silent when one should speak up reveals
an emotional eakness - an inability to stand up for oneself.

Theresa used tough love in her emotional healing therapy with me
and boy oh boy did she get results. She literally pushed all the
emotional buttons and when she hit the right button, the emotional
shift was palpable.

Thanks to Theresa I have learned a lot about emotional healing.
After four sessions I have seen myself changing in leaps and
bounds. I am no longer an emotional cripple. Theresa, in my opinion,
teaches the definitive master class on emotional healing.

The physical body reflects the emotional body and vice versa.
Staying healthy emotionally therefore keeps you physically
healthy. With private hospital bills going through the roof, this is
a better option.

Our Emotional Wellbeing is one of the least understood but most
important subjects they don't teach in school. I therefore heartily
recommend Theresa to everyone. She packs an emotional punch
that will literally transform you. And that is no small feat.
Andrew Khor, Khoracle, Puchong Malaysia


10 year antidepressant use gone!

Hi Theresa,

I will try to describe my benefits and what I have learned in
session with you.

In one sentence:

  • The main thing I have learned is that you can shift energies and
    that you can even expect quick results!

  • There's a strong relationship between emotions and thoughts on
    one hand and mental and physical well-being on the other hand.

  • I am more aware what these emotions do with my body and also
    where these emotions come from.

  • When I reach this point I have now some tools to change the
    feelings and emotions and so the energy of these emotions and thought.

  • Tapping, doing affirmations, some grounding exercises are tools
    to shift energy.

I believe, because you helped me to shift energies during healings,
I got faster and stronger results than in the past. In my case the
results are the facts that I feel better and happier. After the first
session I decided not to use my half a tablet antidepressant
anymore and I wasn’t able to do that for 10 years!

The fact you told me that I am more sensitive than an average person
has an impact on me as well. I understand myself and other
people better as a result. Thank you!
Elze Valk, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2009


Skeptics UTI healed. Dog’s rash improved.

I come from a background where I've only ever known Western
medicine, but it wasn't helping me with my recurring urinary tract
infections (UTIs). At best, the doctors would take recommend antibiotics,
take a urine culture which would have the same results, and give me
various prescriptions. In a particularly bad episode, I was on antibiotics
a week prior, and then ended up having blood in my urine when it recurred
a week later. Finally, in 2003, I went to see Theresa with much skepticism
but I was desperate because my UTI had lasted 3 days, which had never
happened before. Usually they cleared in one day. I was anxious throughout
the session because I didn't know what to expect but by the time I walked
out of the session with Theresa two hours later, my symptoms were gone.
She prescribed a couple of homoeopathic remedies as a follow up and I
did not have this issue again for the next 5 years.

Recently, I went to see her for the rashes that my dog was having. My
dog kept developing red pimples that would develop into dry flakes. The
vet had tried months of control using antibiotics, antihistamines and
antifungals, and they were no longer working. We had an allergen test
done and she turned out to be allergic to 27 of 88 allergens tested.
Within 2 days of my seeing Theresa, my dog's symptoms abated. My
husband and I are quite certain that it was the emotional healing I went
through that made the difference because we eliminated all other
possibilities, including keeping the house cleaner and putting our dog
on homoeopathics and Vetri-DMG.

What Theresa does is nothing short of amazing, and it does not
require belief, though trusting the process helps, of course. I am
still somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to alternative therapies
that haven't been proven by scientific studies, but the healing she
has done for me cannot be explained by placebo effect or other
treatments or interventions. I therefore continue to go to her for
my emotional and physical health. Thank you, Theresa!
C. Lim, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jan 2009


Counselling with Theresa has been transformational for me.

Since I met Theresa seven years ago, I have had the privilege to
countless consultations with her. She uses several well-researched
and effective ways of therapy, such as homoeopathy, nutrition-guidance
and Emotional Freedom techniques- EFT with much experience and
professionalism. Although not a therapist, her great gift however lies
in her ability to counsel a person with concise, compassionate and
intuitive knowledge and combine it with effective energy healing. This
skilled channeling of intuitive knowledge does not leave any choice
but to propel her patients into self-reflection and healing.

Furthermore she counsels with incredible lightness, understanding
and complete objectivity. I have not come across a more effective and
quick way to deal with my problems. Theresa’s work has been
transformational for me. So much so, that I highly recommended
her services to many of my friends and students. I can say in all
honesty that every referral came back to me with an outstanding feedback.
Monika Ramasamy, 44, Yoga-instructor, Trainer, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia