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“All truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally it is accepted as self-evident.”
- Schopenhauer

A different way of thinking

I will provide you with an understanding of your body’s energy anatomy. With this understanding the introduction of simple energy therapies is easier. Please come with an open mind and have the willingness to learn, experience and play with the techniques suggested.

The New Idea

There is a step between the memory and the emotion – a disturbance in the body’s energy system.

There is a troubling memory causing an energy disruption which leads to a negative emotional response resulting in physical change.

When any system is out of balance, energy is not in normal flow. When energy is unable to flow just like when a clot prevents blood flow in an artery, a dysfunction occurs. This is the cause of disease physical or emotional.

Simple Energy Techniques

Energy tools that are easy to learn and simple to do and done in minutes. In the hands of a skilled practitioner extraordinary results are achieved. With a little guidance, coaching and self practice imagine how empowering these tools are in your hands!

‘By stimulating the flow of energy, the body’s own healing network can be activated'.
Roger Callahan, Ph.D., Tapping the Healer Within

The Techniques we provide are EFT and RESET.

Specific Benefits to You

  • Discover better health without drugs or invasive methods
  • Enjoy an enhanced level of peace, happiness, love, health and fun
  • Develop and bring balance to the mind, emotions, intuition and senses
  • Release restrictive limitations to reaching your full potential
  • Experience a greater sense of freedom
  • Enhanced creativity and purpose
  • Learn techniques for your own home healing
  • Recognise, understand and manage emotions
  • Respond to others’ emotions with empathy and insight