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I offer programs for:

Care for the carer,
Mothers and babies,
Mind Empowerment
Tired for ‘no reason’,
Anger management

My experience

I started working in health and healing 27 years ago. As a student nurse, I would sit on beds, talk to patients, and ease their worries. Upon completing my registered nurse training at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, I worked for two years in a rural community with the Indigenous Aborigines. I then worked for 10 years in the aged care sector as a senior nurse.

Even then, I knew the value of emotional health for the well-being of my clients. It was during this time I saw many conditions that could have been prevented with different awareness and knowledge. While nursing, I undertook a four-year study in Naturopathy at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, concurrently studied different modalities of Kinesiology, set up a part-time practice and completed postgraduate studies in Homoeopathy. I am also trained in Radical Forgiveness and as a Reiki and Seichem Master.

Through my studies of Kinesiology and specifically Kinergetics and RESET, I came to fully understand the link between emotions and physical health. By locating the emotional cause of the upset, intuitively or through muscle testing, and stimulating the energy of the body, the client would gain dramatic relief. My quest to find a technique that was quicker and clients could use themselves brought me to the discovery of EFT five years ago. Today it is the major component of my work.

Theresa Commadeur