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"In these fast paced, busy and stressful times you can't afford not to use these simple energy techniques! Take a holistic approach with the goal of preparing you for anything that crosses your path."

Health Naturally

Is exactly what it says – a way of helping you to heal your body by activating its natural healing energies, restoring weak energy and bringing balance to energy flow.

We provide a complete system of self-care and self-help to use at home, in the office or wherever you are. This results in a rebalancing of emotional and physical energy and in better health and wellness.

25+ years’ experience

Over 12 years’ experience in complementary techniques including naturopathy, homoeopathy and kinesiology
15 years’ experience as a senior registered nurse and of working in age care.

Putting you first

A personalised caring service established in 1996.

We tailor to your individual needs.

We help you look after your most important assets…you and your family!

Learn user friendly techniques to optimise your own body’ energy

Workshops on how to draw on these innate resources using

Simple energy techniques

Introduction to your own body's energy



Health…Naturally, recognises that there is a vital life force that is at the core of our well-being. This innate energy is living and it moves. Given the right circumstances this energy will regain perfect balance, help the body to heal, maintain wellness and prevent ill health.

Using techniques from energy kinesiology- Kinergetics with the application of naturopathy and homoeopathy, flow, balance and harmony can be non-invasively restored and maintained within the energy system by:

  • stimulating energy points on the body with tapping and holding.
  • using exercises to create energy movement.
  • focusing the mind
  • moving the hand through energy pathways and centres.
  • choosing healthful diet and lifestyle practices
  • learning new ways of thinking and behaving

It can be self applied or administered by a trained practitioner

Health Naturally focuses on both physical and emotional health and uses these techniques to treat:

  • Physical illness; relieve pain, enhance digestion and immune function
  • Emotional or mental disorders; anxiety and fears, grief and loss
  • Mind up lifting strategies to live joyfully
  • Thought and behavioural change, release stress and negativity
  • Limiting beliefs to reaching your peak potential